Cruise Payment Plans
Payment Plan One
Standard Payment Plan
Payment Plan Two
Sail-A-Way Pay Plan (Monthly)
Payment Plan Three
Sail-A-Way Pay Plan (Quarterly)
For more information on payment plans concerning a specific cruise, call us at 419-492-4368
All payments are NON REFUNDABLE

Charges and Policies
Port Charges/Taxes/Gratuities/Admin Fee $300 per person due when Remaining Balance is Due. This payment satisfies Guest’s total obligation for Port Charges, Taxes, Gratuities, and Admin Fees.
Fuel Surcharge Guarantee Entertainment Cruise Productions has entered into a contract through Holland America which protects all guests from a potentially incalculable surcharge for fuel. A Fuel Surcharge Guaranty of $25 will be added to each guest’s final invoice. By this payment, Entertainment Cruise Productions has insured that there will be no other fees or costs due from guests for fuel.
Included/Excluded Charges These cabin prices are “cruise only” and are based upon double occupancy, except for “Singles.” The price does not include airfare, ground transportation, onboard purchases, purchased drinks onboard or excursions. It does include all meals, shows and onboard events produced by Entertainment Cruise Productions.
Additional Passengers The cost for 3rd and 4th passengers in a stateroom is $1,000 per person plus all applicable taxes and fees.
Cancellation Policy All payments are non-refundable. Entertainment Cruise Productions strongly recommends the purchase of Trip Insurance
Trip Insurance Entertainment Cruise Productions strongly encourages the purchase of trip insurance. Please inquire at the time of booking about trip insurance, as certain preconditions mandate purchase within 21 days of your reservation to be effective. Certain policies allow for a nearly full refund for almost “any reason or cause” whatsoever.e